How to Cut and Prepare Fish

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Gutted fish are whole fish that have been gutted and sometimes scaled. Head and fins intact. A gutted fish has a longer storage life than a fish stored just as it comes from the water, because entrails cause rapid spoilage.
Dressed/Pan-Dressed (or Headed and Gutted)
Dressed fish have been scaled, gutted, and had gills removed. Head and fins are intact. A dressed fish is often cooked in one piece, by baking, poaching, or barbecuing. A pan-dressed fish has head, tail and fins removed as well.
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Fillets are the boneless or 'pinbone-in' sides of a fish, cut away from the backbone and removed in one piece. in some fish, there may be pinbones radiating at right angles from the backbone. When these are removed, the fillet is boneless.
Steaks are cross-sections cut from dressed fish. They are generally 2 to 4cms thick. Large fish such as salmon, grouper, and mackerel are often steaked.
  How to Fillet a Round-Bodied Fish   How to Fillet a Flatfish
1. Cut_roundfish1.GIF (3576 bytes)With fish facing away from you, use a sharp, thin-bladed knife to cut along the back of the fish, from tail to head. Make a second cut just behind the gills, down to the backbone.  1. Cut_flatfish1.GIF (4371 bytes)With the eyed (dark) side of the flatfish up, use a flexible boning knife to make a cut along the spine from the gills to the tail.
2. Cut_Roundfish2.GIF (3221 bytes)Holding the knife at a slight angle, cut along the bone to free the back side of the fillet.  2. Cut_flatfish2.GIF (4073 bytes)Slide the blade between backbone and flesh, lifting the fillet away from the bone. Remove the second fillet in the same manner.
3. Cut_Roundfish3.GIF (3853 bytes)Peel back the free meat, then cut fillet away from the rib cage. Turn fish over and repeat above steps for second fillet. 3. Cut_flatfish3.GIF (3816 bytes)Turn the fish over: repeat step 2.
    4. Cut_flatfish4.GIF (3247 bytes)To skin, grasp fillet by the tail end, skin side down. Holding the knife at a slight angle, cut the meat free.

  How to Steak a Round Fish
1. Cut_steak1.GIF (4271 bytes)Remove fins from cleaned, scaled fish by running knife point along each side of fin base, then pulling this free. To remove head, make diagonal cut behind the gills and sever backbone with heavy knife or cleaver.
2. Cut_steak2.GIF (4902 bytes)Still using a heavy knife, slice fish into steaks about 2-4cm thick, starting about 11cm from the head end. (Reserve unsteaked head and tail portions for another use.)

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